With Richard Kern, Alexa Gerrity, Aïda Ruilova, Diana Shpungin, Darren Banks and special clips featuring Rod Serling, David Lynch, and Charles Eames
Nitehawk Cinema | June 27, 8-10pm
Artist Film Screening

Sparkmarker is an artist film program that explores where ideas come from and how inspiration is manifested into visual forms.
Conversations with Rod Serling – Writing for Television
“Where do ideas comes from”
Circa 1970, Ithaca College
Alexa Gerrity – Half-Sick of Shadows
2011, Single-channel video, Color, Original score, 5.57 minutes
Richard Kern – Death Valley ‘69
1986, Super-8 transferred to DVD, Color, Sound, 6.20 minutes
Design Q-and-A with Charles Eames
1972, On the occasion of qu’est ce que le design?, Louvre
Aïda Ruilova – Meet the Eye
2009, Single-channel video, Color, Sound, 7 minutes
Darren Banks – Clusterfuck 2 (Don’t Look In The Basement Remix)
2011, VHS footage, Color, Sound, 5.10 minutes
David Lynch – The idea is the whole thing
2006, Maharishi University
Diana Shpungin – Until it is no longer 
2011, Hand drawn, Digital video animation
Excerpt from continuous loop
Diana Shpungin – His View
2007/2011, 2011, Hand drawn, Digital video animation
Excerpt from continuous loop
Richard Kern – Manhattan Love Suicides: Stray Dogs
1985, Super 8 transferred to DVD, Black and White, Sound, 10 minutes

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