Aldo Tambellini

Artist film screening
Nitehawk Cinema, New York | November 20, 2014


Part of the 2014 Nitehawk Shorts Festival, Nitehawk’s ART SEEN presented a special one-night screening of works by artist Aldo Tambellini.
Included a live performance by Alyse Lamb.

Black is the beginning. It is birth, the oneness of all, the expansion of consciousness in all directions – Aldo Tambellini

Iconoclastic and experimental artist Aldo Tambellini was among the first artists in the early 1960s to explore new technologies as an art medium. Tambellini combined slide projections, film, performance, and music into sensorial experiences that he aptly called “Electromedia.” Such work informed Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable and Woody and Steina Vasulka’s The Kitchen. With the rediscovery of this material, Tambellini’s work has become the subject of great interest for early new media. Nitehawk is thrilled to screen a selection of his works (1965-2005) and introduce his films to new audiences.

Alyse Lamb (EULA and Parlor Walls) will perform a live original score to Aldo Tambellini’s new work NO NAME FILM 1.

SoundBlack (1968) – U.S. Premiere
Black Is (1965) 
Blackout (1966) 
Listen (2005) 
Black Plus (1966)
Black Trip Two (1967)
No Name Film 1 (1960s)

Special thank you to Joe Ketner, Anna Salamone, and Aldo Tambellini.

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