The next chapter of Nitehawk’s A NITE TO DISMEMBER is a real page turner…for our fifth year we welcome you to THE HAUNTED LIBRARY!

Starting at midnight and continuing until after dawn, we’ll screen five films based on the classic books you love (or have never actually read): The Masque of the Red Death(35mm), The Old Dark HouseRinguThe Babadook, and The Manitou (35mm).

As is our tradition for A NITE TO DISMEMBER, there will be a new horror short film, a costume contest (hosted by Jameson Caskmates this year which means shots for all!), David Lynch Coffee to keep your brain buzzed, an accursed library care of The Strand, a sugar rush of ‘Freaks’ from Eugene J, and trivia featuring prizes from our friends Shudder and Out of Print. Those who survive the nite with receive a complimentary Nitehawk breakfast (eggs and tots!), themed gift bags, and a discounted fare from Lyft. But wait, there’s more…we’ve got you covered on the drink front with complimentary coffee and sweet treats coming your way!

Your official librarians for the evening are Shudder’s Sam Zimmerman and Nitehawk’s Kris King and Caryn Coleman.

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