Keep Moving: Objects and Architecture in the Apocalypse

With Aida Ruilova, Aldo Tambellini, Elizabeth Price and Richard Lester’s The Bed Sitting Room
Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery | April 2, 2014

Film screening and talk 

vlcsnap36071Inspired by Mike Nelson’s concurrent exhibition at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Keep Moving: Objects and Architecture in the Apocalypse is a film program of works that use objects and architectural environments as tools to give voice and visibility to the unimaginable.

Keep Moving is sculptural cinema featuring Richard Lester’s 1969 surrealist post-apocalyptic farce The Bed Sitting Room preceded with artist films by Aïda Ruilova (7 Things of Mollino, 2006), Aldo Tambellini (Black Trip 2, 1962), and Elizabeth Price (User Group Disco, 2009). The program provides a reflection of how objects and space define the void-like world that is in relation to the end of all things. Similar to the “semblance of atmospheres” generated in Mike Nelson’s immersive installations, these films are a pivotal way to address the past, access the present and consider a possible future world.

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