With The Opening of Misty Beethoven (35mm)Evil Come, Evil GoThe Telephone BookThe SexualistMemories Within Miss Aggie, and Bible!
Screening Series
Presented with Vinegar Syndrome

Nitehawk Cinema, New York | February – December 2014

Read the New York Time article, Smut, Refreshed for a New Generation

For our 2014 Nitehawk Naughties program, Nitehawk Cinema has teamed up with Vinegar Syndrome to present six restored genre classics from the 1970s: The Opening of Misty Beethoven, Evil Come, Evil Go, The Telephone Book, The Sexualist, Memories Within Miss Aggie, and Bible!. The series focuses on a time period (1971-1976) when hardcore pornography crossed over into mainstream, playing in theaters to a wider public before porn entered in our homes via videotape and laptops. These films actually have a plot, conscientious acting…and a whole lot of sex!

*All films screened in the new restoration DCP format except for The Opening of Misty Beethoven is a 35mm presentation.

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