Series highlighting new films by independent New York filmmakers
Nitehawk Cinema, New York | Monthly 2017

Presenting premieres and special presentations by local independent filmmakers, Nitehawk Cinema’s LOCAL COLOR includes a cross-section of works including documentaries, animated features, narrative film, and shorts. These screenings include live discussions with directors, producers, and talent making Nitehawk the place to discover and converse with the filmmakers in your city.

February 2017
Shelter (Brent and Craig Renaud, 2017)
Q&A with directors Brent and Craig Renaud with Loren Hammonds, Associate Programmer at Tribeca Film Festival.
Listen to the podcast.

February 2017
Catfight (Onur Tukel, 2016)
Q&A with director Onur Tukel and producer Gigi Graff with Caryn Coleman, Director of Programming/Special Projects at Nitehawk Cinema.
Listen to the podcast.

May 2017
Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl (A.D. Salvo, 2017)
Q&A with director A.D. Salvo and cast Erin Wilhelm, Quinn Shepard, Susan Kellerman with Sam Zimmerman, Curator at Shudder.

May 2017
The Eyeslicer (Dan Schoenbrun and Vanessa McDonnell, 2017)
Special presentation of  the new variety TV show bringing the next generation of alternative American filmmakers together under one strange roof.

September 2017
The Last Laugh (Ferne Pearlstein, 2016)
Q&A with the director Ferne Pearlstein with Liz Zimiles, Nitehawk Cinema.


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